Welcome to Noodle

Who are we?

We are a small, independently owned IT consultancy with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering technical solutions, implementing change (both technical and non-technical) and managing IT delivery.

What do we do?

Primarily we are a technology company, but we pride ourselves on engaging at a business level, rather than delivering IT for the sake of it. Our experience ranges from writing web sites for charities, to delivering infrastructure projects in the large scale photographic sector, and from social housing COTS implementations, to the energy sector.

We have specialised in architectural, design and process reviews, which are a cost effective way to identify key strengths and weaknesses in teams and/or technologies. Off the back of a review you could choose to partner with Noodle to help manage change, or to provide ongoing mentoring and support.

How do we do it?

Noodle has 20 years of experience working in IT and business change, across a range of sectors. While we’ve been doing this, we’ve built a pretty good picture of how to engage to get the best results and learnt a thing or to about running effective teams and projects. Our core values are:


Of course quality is crucial, but it has to be balanced against budget and appropriate to your situation. We will work with you to understand what quality bar should be set, and make sure it is hit.


The best solution in the world is no good unless you can get it live. Our focus is always on getting things finished. We own delivery. Once it’s delivered we can all relax, safe in the glow of a job well done.


IT and management skills are transferable, allowing us to work effectively anywhere, but without collaboration we can’t support your requirements.

Specialist Expertise

From a technology perspective, our core capabilities are based around the Microsoft technology stack, including SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, WPF and Entity Framework. We’ve also worked with Xamarin, for cross platform mobile solutions, and cloud technologies from both Microsoft and AWS.
In terms of sector specialisation, we have worked in Education, Social Housing, Energy, Construction and Photographic sectors.
We have probably garnered most experience in the UK social housing sector, specialising in Keystone Asset Management (and associated modules), having been involved in the design and build of that product set, as well as running the implementation and training teams, driving customer engagements.